May 21, 2024

An overview of Lens Corrections in Lightroom 3, showing profiles and manual control.

18 thoughts on “Lens Corrections in Lightroom 3

  1. There indeed are new profiles for Nikon lenses. One of these is for my beloved 17-35 and I must say it does wonders. Great work, Adobe.

    ==>> Question: At what stage is it best to apply the lens corrections ? I seem to detect a (very) slight washing-out of colors in some photographs, so I tend to think it best to apply lens corrections first, but I’d like to hear what others think and why they think what they think.

  2. OK, I appreciate the effort, but your speaking style is really difficult to understand at times.

    With LR 3.2, supposedly hundreds of new lens profiles were added, but I don’t see any additions for Nikon lenses.

    Where is the complete list of lens profiles?

    Where is a good place to get decent user created lens profiles?

    1. With Lightroom 3.2 having an additional 120 lenses, I’m not sure there is a current list. There are new Nikon profiles in the list. You also need to know that there are far more profiles for Raw than for JPEG images.

    1. Honest answer? No idea. Making them is not especially difficult, so it may be worth doing yourself.

  3. I would like to get lens profile for CANON S90.

    Are the corresponding files available and where to copy them.

    I am in Windows XP SP3

  4. Thanks for the overview Sean. I’m wondering if it would be wise to set lens corrections to apply to every picture automatically (default develop settings). Would there be drawbacks to this approach? Is there image degradation with corrections?

    1. There is a processing overhead to using them, so I guess that’s an individual choice as to whether you batch process them. I currently prefer to use it on keepers as I process, so I can see the effect, but that’s just my choice. It’s early days yet, so that may change.

  5. Sean, thanks, but I can use PS as second editor,and the corrections will be applied, but I still can’t open as layers using the second editor, right?

  6. The lens corrections I made with LR3 was not recognized when I opened in PS CS4 as layers? Do I need to export a file to have the corrections done? thanks.

    1. Angelo, when you open as Layers with CS4 from LR3, it uses Camera Raw 5 to create the file. Camera Raw 5 can’t deal with the lens corrections. The file needs to be rendered using Lightroom for the corrections to be visible.

  7. Do you think mumbling and rambling is an effective form of communication? This 7:37 video could have been delivered in 3 minutes. Insufferable.

  8. i use pt lens, its cheap and it’s automatic and perfect
    i think it’s good you mention this perfect plugin.
    maybe do a video on it?

    1. PT Lens requires a rendered file. This means that it breaks the Raw workflow. If it didn’t, I might agree with you. Lightroom 3 Lens corrections are pretty good for a version 1 product and will only improve with time.

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