July 15, 2024

Some of the advantages of travelling to a familar resort for a break is the people and places you know there. I really love the island of Majorca, off the coast of Spain. I always travel when here and always shoot here. The difference this time is I’m using Lightroom to speed choosing my final images and for processing. For once my sensor is clean enough that I’m able to use my final output from Lightroom itself. Once Dust removal becomes a part of the workflow, my trips to Photoshop will become fewer and fewer. Coupled with any 3rd party lens corrections and I’ll be only making a rare trip to Save for Web.
In the forums Jeff Schewe has mentioned that there will different form and functionality in Beta 4. Bring it on.
One thing that’s also cool about being here is that the owner of a local music pub has given me free wireless access to get stuff done.

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