July 15, 2024

Over at Lightroom Forums.net we’re discussing our favourite tips for Lightroom. We’ve put together a list of ‘hold’ tips for Lightroom. Lightroom has loads of toggle shortcuts, but by holding them down, you can toggle them temporarily. Here’s a few, but I’m sure there are more.

  • Hold L to temporarily toggle Lights Dim.
  • Hold Shift L to temporarily toggle Lights Out.
  • Hold T to temporarily toggle Toolbar. If it’s already on it will toggle off or vise versa.
  • Hold G to temporarily toggle Loupe back to Grid. While holding down G you can even select a new image for Loupe.
  • Hold S to temporarily expand/contract Stacks.
  • Hold Spacebar in Loupe view to temporarily zoom in. While holding Spacebar, you can move the zoom area in the Navigator to view image. You can even use Page Up/Down too, while holding Spacebar. Holding Z will also zoom.
  • Hold V to temporarily view a grayscale version of your image in Develop (In Loupe view it just keeps toggling between the 2).

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