May 19, 2024

So you spent a bit of time playing with fonts and colours, and you’re pretty happy with the results for your new Identity Plate. Of course, if you create a new catalog, it’s not there. And if something happens the current catalog (God forbid), you’ve lost that work. Personally I keep all the ID Plates I design in a folder called ‘ID Plates’, that way I can choose one as needed (remember I also use the ID plates for frames and textures in Print and Slideshow!).

Here’s a quick way to get a hard copy (I’m not referring to the Save menu in Identity Plate setup here, which to me is a ‘soft copy’).
1. After creating your Identity Plate, go to Web.
2. With a few images selected and the Identity Plate on in your gallery, export the gallery. The Lightroom HTML gallery is a good one to use.
3. Go to the folder you just exported.
4. Open the folder marked ‘contents’.
5. Inside is a file called ‘logo.png’. This is a graphical version of your ID Plate. Save it to your ID Plates folder, with a new name.
6. That’s it. Once you’ve moved the logo.png file, you can delete the gallery you exported (unless you were going to upload it of course!)

This allows you to work on a number of designs, and can be used with a watermarking Export Plugin like LR/Mogrify.
If you want to switch to this hard copy, save the soft copy in the drop down menu, and choose ‘Use a graphical identity plate’ from the Identity Plate setup dialog and then choose the ‘logo.png’ file (or however you named it). Remember to rename if you plan on creating a few, so that you don’t overwrite the older versions.

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