May 19, 2024

As I sit here editing 800 odd shots from yesterdays first day of stills for a TV talent show, I’m reminded of a tiny addition that I’d love to see in the Filmstrip. Numbers. As in the current file position along the Filmstrip.
I’d really like to see how far along the current view I am, both in the cell, and in the text area above the images. Of course simply wanting a feature is not a way to get it. What I’d find it useful for is gauging time spent on the current process and use it to decide if a break is necessary. I really don’t want to jump out to Grid to see a number and jump back into loupe for making selections. I’d prefer to remain in loupe until the selects are done.

Anyhow back to the task at hand, before tonights show adds more to the edit list!

3 thoughts on “Feature requests: Filmstrip numbers

  1. Would it be possible to hit F6 (that may be the wrong key, I am at work and cannot test) to bring up the thumbnail bar? From there you can usually judge based on the location of the thumbnail and horizontal scroll bar approximately how far through you are. Then bang on the F6 key again and it is hidden away from view.

    1. I already have the filmstrip open. It’s not precise enough for me making a guess, I’m afraid.

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