May 19, 2024

Well in fairness, it being such a requested feature, I could hardly have missed a chance to post Video Support as an April Fools gag. I’m not a prankster by any mean stretch, but I was egged on by a local troublemaker.. Yes you Chris Tierney.

Clues include the fact that the link goes to an April Fools page. The .4 bit after the Lightroom 2 ID Plate is not right (they don’t use the dot release number!). And the fact that Tom always is serious in his announcements should have given the game away. Finally the first thing in the post is that date….

The other practical thing is that all the dot releases have been bug fix releases with additional camera Raw support.

Thanks for playing folks, and back to more serious stuff again! I have an even more vile idea for next year.. But I’ll probably forget.

Tom reminded me that the Beta program for Lightroom 2 was launched on the 1st of April. How cool was that?

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