May 21, 2024

So Lightroom CC has finally been announced. Don’t worry CC haters, Lightroom 6 is part of the same installer, you just need to enter a serial code to have the perpetual version. This blog has been exceptionally quiet. I did mumble excuses some months ago about writing and today it’s probably obviously what I’ve been writing about. Yes, I want to announce my soon to be arriving book on Lightroom CC.

LightroomCC Ind

Many years ago I wrote Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy, and despite being actively involved in the Lightroom community and blogging, I never found time to update it. Other projects took precedence. I did manage to write Essential Development for Lightroom 4 and then update it for 5. But that was a mere 16 thousand words. This is 100K words, possibly more because I’ve simply lost count. It is big. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever written and I’ve poured a lot into it. I’ve written as much as 4,000 words in one day, something I didn’t believe was possible. My writing speed has increased dramatically, and it was done to one thing. Going to the studio every day and writing.
I’ve missed shooting personal work. I’ve still been doing commercial jobs to keep our lives running while writing.

A huge thanks to the team at Rocky Nook. Scott for believing I could do it. Matthias for pushing me. Maggie, especially Maggie, for making me sound like a writer (I could probably do with an editor on this!). And now onto the marketing team with Jessica. I’d also like to give a big shoutout to Dave Clayton for suggesting I talk to Scott in the first place. Without that conversation, this simply wouldn’t have happened.

So where am I? I’m on the last of the text with most of the edit reviews done. I have layouts in front of me to check. Then there’s the indexing and final read throughs. So the answer is soon. Very soon.

Speaking of Rocky Nook and Lightroom CC, you can get something for free right now that covers one of the new features of Lightroom CC from fellow Rocky Nook writer Derrick Story. It’s called ‘Rocky Nooks guide to HDR and Panoramas with Lightroom CC’ and is available, for free, at . Go check it out. Free.

LRCC eBookBanner940x300

Confession: I’m prejudiced slightly because there’s an ad for my book at the back!

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