May 21, 2024

Thinking about shortcuts in Lightroom: This is not a comprehensive list, but certainly an alphabetic one. For those who think there are plenty of free shortcut letters (I kid!)

A: A toggles Auto Mask when using Adjustment brush
B: Add to Quick/Target Collection
C: Compare
D: Develop
E: Loupe
F: Full Screen
G: Grid
H: Hide
I: Info in loupe
J: Toggle Cell info in Grid, Highlight Clipping in Develop
K: Brush
L: Lights Out
M: Graduated Filter
N: Survey Mode in Library, Spot Removal in Develop
O: Overlay. Shows Crop overlays or Brush Masks
P: Pick
Q: Nothing: Cmd Q quits on Mac, never tried Ctrl Q on PC (usually go for Alt-f4)
R: Crop
S: Toggle Stacks open and closed, Copy previous Crop ratio in Develop
T: Toolbar
U: Unflagged
V: Black and White (Yes! Grayscale is gone, gone, gone)
W: White Balance
X: Reject
Y: Before/After view
Z: Zoom

5 thoughts on “Alphabetic Lightroom

  1. 'A' has a use. When you are in the Adjustment Brush (K), hitting 'A' will toggle the Auto Mask on and off. Very useful when you are masking larger areas that you need to define the edges on.

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