May 21, 2024

Today feels a little like Christmas. It’s not every day that something this good comes along. It’s been a big buildup, but now one of the greatest photo bundle events is here! That’s right, The Complete Photography Bundle III is live, live, live. Over $3,300 of photo training, presets and actions for a mere $127. A whole slew of these products are brand new and unseen until now. Here’s what you get with this bundle:

  • 70+ Hours of Video Tutorials
  • 10+ eBooks
  • 630+ Actions and Presets
  • 90+ Textures and Overlays

The deal runs for 5 Days only. That means that if you don’t go for it in the next 5 days, it’s gone, gone, gone.

Among the new products are Zack Arias “The Art of the Editorial” & “One Light Field Guide”, Lindsay Adler’s “5 Simple & Creative Light Setups” and “High Impact Images”, Frederick Van Johnson “Photographers Time Travel Toolkit”, Dave Seeram’s “24/7 Photo Pro” and 2 Joel Grimes video from his Start to Finish series “Wedge Wall” and “Strobing Outdoors: Helena”. 

I’ve watched Zack’s new video and will be posting a detailed review on the blog at later today. In short, it’s very, very, good. 

For Lightroom users, there are loads of content: Serge Ramelli’s “Lightroom CC Complete Training”, SLR Lounge’s “Image Processing Mastery Workshop” and Klaus Herrmann “Unleash The Power of Lightroom Presets”. 

Other goodies include Amanda Diaz actions, and a subscription to Jeremy Cowarts See University (Tier 1). There’s also stuff from Nicole S. Young, David duChemin, Brian Matiash and Trey Ratcliff, just to touch on a few of the other contributors. This really is top tier value. 

As well as the price being ridiculous value, 5DayDeal have 4 charity partners that benefit from the deal: 
Help Portrait, Boma Project, Camp Smile-a-Mile and Flashes of Hope. Not only do you get in greatly increase your photo knowledge for a tiny sum, you get to help others in the process. 

My involvement includes a 50% discount on my Cracks, Scratches and Bumps textures, as well as having 10 copies of the book to give away. This allows me to be an affiliate in the process and I really do hope you’ll use my link. This really is a fantastic offer, but remember you’ve only five days to get it. The offer closes at exactly noon PST on Sept 15th! 

For the full list of contributors, go to 5DayDeal, where you can also purchase the bundle! 


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