May 19, 2024


I know there’s been a little furore over Perfect Layers, but in my own posts and video, I’ve never alluded to it being anything but an external editor. As for the price, I’ve also said it’s better to get the whole suite, which includes Perfect Resize (formerly Genuine Fractals) for enlarging images and creating canvas wrap files, Photoframe, for greating great borders, Focal Point for great lens effects, along with other tools including Phototools, MaskPro (which easily bests Photoshop masking) and Phototune. 

I got a note in the other day saying that onOne are offering $150 off the suite through affiliate links, so you can get it for $349.95 instead of almost $500. Bearing in mind that Perfect Layers is listing as $159 for one product, the whole suite is great value at this price. Most of the individual plugins are standalone too, bar Phototools and MaskPro, which require a version of Photoshop to host them (they use Photoshop to create the effects). This offer is valid until May 15. Click the image for even more info. 

I’ve used the gallery wrap feature from Perfect Resize for my canvases, and it’s even better in the 5.5 version, and I also use PhotoFrame and MaskPro regularly. I play around with Phototune and Phototools, and obviously I’m trying out Perfect Layers. I tend to use a real Tilt Shift lens, but Focal Point also does some really nice bokeh effects, emulating a lot of the f1.2 lenses reasonably well. I’ve not done tutorials for these, because onOne have a huge library of tutorials themselves in their onOne University, but perhaps it’s worth look at doing them anyway. 


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