June 17, 2024

Though the date has shifted since the release of Beta 1, I’m positive that there is an internal date set and now they just want to get V1.0 out with a set feature list. Judging from variety of posts we’ll be getting a Beta 4.1 soon . Michael Reichmann mentions Beta 4 being the last Beta – I don’t know if this is true. January will be here soon enough, which will make it a year long public preview cycle and the potential release time is then(Early 2007 being the ‘rough’ date).
So it makes sense that Adobe will lock down, finish features (versioning come to mind) and then optimise code. Soon. Maybe there will be a Beta 5, but unless there’s a very quick turnabout, I don’t forsee a Beta 6 in the current projected timeframe.
Any opinions?

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