May 22, 2024

A few people have been requesting an existing feature in Lightroom: Mulitple Libraries. The current way of dealing with Libraries is not obvious to the uninitiated so I’ve done another bandwidth video eating to help.
Update: With reference to the PC Method of opening the Library Picker. Alt Clicking on the icon in the Quicklaunch bar and other single click to open locations works, as does Ctrl and double clicking on shortcuts to the Adobe Lightroom application. Double clicking and then holding Alt immediately also works. More than one way to skin a cat it seems. As johnbeardy points out you could always just double click on the Library you want to use also.

6 thoughts on “Multiple Libraries

  1. Sean I can confirm what John said. I’m using a Windows XP Pro SP2 system and CTRL+doubleclick on a shortcut does nothing. CTRL+doubleclick on the Lightroom exe file opens the Windows properties for Lightroom.exe.

    ALT+doubleclick on a Lightroom shortcut also opens the Windows properties box. However ALT+doubleclick on the Lightroom.exe file opens the library choice dialog.


  2. John.
    When you boot into Windows under boot camp on a mac you are booting into Windows. The machine is completely unaware that the Mac OS even exists on it.
    It’s not emulated. It acts as if it was the only OS on the machine and is ‘100% Windows’. In fact because the OS X drive is HFS+ formatted, Windows cannot even see this partition.
    Did you try holding Ctrl and double clicking?
    Your method works for me also.

  3. No, you hold down the Alt key immediately after you double click the Lightroom icon or start LR from the menu. Alternatively, double click the library file in Explorer. It’s a good idea to create a blank one to use as a template.


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