July 15, 2024

I’m dreading this, because I’ve run a private forum before for Lightroom experts and developers. Maintaining them is a tedious job, but as the support thread is now 29 pages long, it’s time to take the reins myself, so on a trial basis, I’m announcing that the Lightroom Blog forums are open to support anything that I have out there.

So, direct your browser to http://lightroom-blog.com/forum for support. For general Lightroom stuff, please feel free to use Lightroomforums.net.

As a heads up, this requires registration. I’m really not up to the task of spending my days deleting forum spam.

1 thought on “Support Forum

  1. You must be mad! As soon as you’re on a spammer’s list, you’ll be deleting dozens of registrations per day. See if your forum software allows you to set some easy sign-up questions or maybe do what we do at the DAM Book Forum (require an email request to join). You do want to spend more time with your camera, don’t you?

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