May 18, 2024

Well I’ve a few things on the go at the moment. Parallel processing isn’t a human task, so it’s literally one at time until my attention span gives out (easily done, I’m afraid).

  • LRB Portfolio 1.03 was released yesterday
  • I’m working on a new website plugin based on 1.03 but very different. Check out the first sample website.
  • I’m back working on an eBook on making your own galleries. My designer came in with a nice InDesign layout (now I need to learn InDesign!).
  • I’m still working on the next installment of the tutorials for Mostly done, but I need to make up the gallery pages again to make sure it all works!
  • I know Tom is keen to get a music player in galleries, and while I have created a little flash player and have the code for the tunes buried in the galleryInfo.lrweb file, I can’t get it to sit in right without frames, which don’t seem to be working right in PC Lightroom.
  • 5 thoughts on “So waddya working on?

    1. The mail.html file gets converted to mail.php when the contact form is created. It wont get created unless the form is specifically switched on.

      Let me peek in case a typo or something silly is preventing creation. It was definitely working during testing, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t accidently enter or delete characters before saving.

      Nope. The mail.php file is correctly generated when the form is switched on, and not created when it is off.
      You can’t use mail.php locally unless you have a php server installed on your machine, it needs to be online to work. Again the server must have php installed and safe mode off. For this reason you have the non php settings.

    2. Very nice work, LRB Portfolio works almost perfectly for me. Except for one thing: the mail script is not being created. I do have a mail.html file in the package, but if I export the files it is not there… furthermore the contact.html has mail.php as action target so I get a file-not-found error. What am I doing wrong?


      Y. Burger

    3. I was thinking of you Mark, but there is a fly in the ointment, as you may have noticed…

      The images load as you click, no preloading. That might that a bit to sort for a JS newbie like me.

      The gallery is ready to go and seems to be as bug free as LRB Portfolio 1.04 (yep I’ve an 04 version here, but I’ll keep it until the feature requests come in!). It actually adds a feature from the new gallery: a no text on homepage tickbox. I need to get the image centred though before it’s ready for release.

    4. Keen, yes, but not upset nor pushy. I’m VERY greatful for the value I (we)have gotten for $10 with all your hard work and continued added value as well. Very happy, thank you.
      P.S. I use OSX 🙂
      Best to you and thank you, I know your busy and it shows.

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