July 20, 2024

Initially created to fulfill a user request for longer thumbnails LRB Portfolio has now been updated to version 1.03. Additionally a second request for an option to open external links in a new window was also fulfilled.
A feature I’ve wanted since the beginning was also implemented: only files required by the gallery are generated. I mailed in some possible conditional code for the manifest.lrweb file to Lightroom engineer Andy Rahn. Andy was kind enough to expand on it and so I was able to get this feature in. Thanks Andy!
Use the download link you received when you purchased to get the new version. If you have used the 5 downloads, reply using the download email and I’ll reset it.

Update: I’ve changed to 9 downloads to help with this. Also there was a silly typo (which noone seems to have seen yet!), so please redownload this if you got it earlier today.

11 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio updated to 1.03

  1. Hi, great gallery. a tiny problem i’m having is that mail.php is not exported in lightroom 2.1 and LRB Portfolio 1.03, even if the option for contact form is selected. This is includes if I export directly to web or harddrive.

  2. Easy peasy. You a long image with no text, so the image is dropping below the text div.
    If you stretch the page, it’ll jump back into place.
    If you want, try deleting the line with

    div id=”about”

    Might help..

  3. Sean –
    First off please accept my Big- Time Thanks for all the work you have put into LRB. I have built a site using 1.03 and it works Very well. I have only one question about the Home page. It seems that I have more space above my Home photo than I do with the galleries. (This is the space between the photo and the logo banner). When testing on smaller screens the menu ends up lower on the screen than on any of the other pages. I’ve tried to correct in CSS with GoLive but haven’t been able to figure it out. Any ideas?
    Using 475px for the height and have plenty of horiz size selected.

  4. In 1.0-1.02 all the files in the template are created, Home, About, Contact, Gallery1-6 and mail.php.
    Now if a page is unticked (or if contact form is unticked), the pages that would’ve been generated anyway are now not generated, making for a tidier upload.

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