June 17, 2024

One behaviour in Lightroom I find particularly annoying is that when you create a collection, Lightroom will jump to that collection. Usually I create a collection to start adding to it and need to remain in the folder I’m currently in. 2 ways I had been using to get back (which I now know I don’t need to use, but I’m just pointing them out in case you didn’t know) were, 1) Open the filmstrip and click the arrow beside the current item name and select the folder from the flyout list and 2) Select an image and look at the Metadata pane. In most views there is a folder item with an arrow to the right of it. Click the arrow to go to the folder.

All well and good, but marginally time consuming. I was going to request a way of getting back to the original folder, but decided to investigate a little further so I didn’t look foolish (as does happen, I might add!). Whaddya know.. There is such an item and it has a shortcut. In Window we have the Go Back and Go Forward commands. These are Cmd-Option back arrow and Cmd-Option forward arrow on Mac. For PC use Ctrl Alt back arrow and Ctrl Alt forward arrow. It’s much easier to use as a keyboard shortcut and saves loads of time. I’m glad I found it.

2 thoughts on “Quicktip: Navigating through views

  1. Good tip Sean! I had been looking for that. One additional ergonomic tweak that would be nice – tie this behavior to the forward and back web page navigation buttons on mice that have them. That is what I tried first.

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