July 15, 2024

I’ve added a post to Lightroom News on adding a series of links in the menu bar.
It’s called Adding a navigation menu to Lightroom Flash Gallery. Go check it out.

5 thoughts on “Menu links in Flash Gallery

  1. I have and it was to do with the CSS not being loaded correctly. I initially hard coded the width inside the galleryMaker.xml where there was a load of forumla code, but eventually went back to using the code that was there. Like you said, it’s a matter of working out what is what. I’m going to attempt to post the required code for getting the ID plate added to a new gallery soon too.

  2. Sean,
    Back for more. I’m taking the approach of modifying the HTML Gallery rather than starting from scratch. The difficulty of this is wading through the mass of code trying to find where things go, but on the other hand I have been more successful getting things to work than the start-from-scratch approach. I’m using your posted galleries as examples. I’ve found where to place the nav code and think it’s going to work the way I want it to. Thanks for all of the information you’ve given us.

    Another matter: I wanted to make the thumbnails on index pages larger, so I modified thumb width in galleryMaker. Everything seemed OK, but when I had several people check a published gallery, a couple of them had problems, with thumbs ending up in strange places. My daughter had no problem with PC Internet Explorer, but Mac Safari was a mess. On my machine running Safari 2.0.4, once in a while a thumb diplays out of position. Now, I notice in your galleries (on your main site), it apperas that you’ve not changed thumb size but that you did make the border size smaller. Today on two occasions I got the same thing in your galleries. I couldn’t get it to happen more, so it is a rare event. Have you seen this before?

  3. Fred,
    This is just a mix of normal CSS and html entered in the transformer.xslt file. I’ve already posted about this in the forums..

    While not where I learned from, this site has info on creating these is CSS using

  4. for each menu item. Basically you define the look of your
  5. eg, using a background url and no bullet


    I got this link through
    which is a great resource for CSS lists.

  6. Very well done, Sean. I’m working with the HTML gallery, though, so I’m trying to figure how to integrate the menu bars you’ve put in the galleries on your web site.

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