June 17, 2024

Tom Hogarty released details of the finally completed Pixmantec Migration tool over at Lightroom Journal today.

“Last year, Adobe acquired the assets of Pixmantec, including the code for the RawShooter Essentials and RawShooter Premium applications. Adobe then offered a free copy of Lightroom 1.0 to RawShooter Premium customers. But given the proprietary nature of independent processing tools, efforts by Pixmantec customers have no direct translation to Adobe’s raw processing solutions. (Camera Raw Plug-in and Lightroom) To this end, we’re providing a settings migration tool that will attempt to match the adjustments performed in RawShooter Essentials or RawShooter Premium to equivalent settings in Lightroom or Camera Raw. The tool is located on Adobe Labs at the following location: http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Pixmantec_RawShooter_Migration_Tool

A quick caveat is that the controls and algorithms in each application are not identical so the results of these conversions will not provide visually identical images. “

Full instructions on using the tool are also provided in the WiKi.

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