May 18, 2024

John Beardsworth has a great followup post to my recent video post on borders.

“Sean McCormack’s latest Lightroom video shows how to add a decorative border to a print. He’s using the Print module’s ability to overlay an image other than the identity plate.

I noticed the same feature when I was writing my Lightroom book, but didn’t think of a decorative border. Instead I came up with a more prosaic application – adding a copyright symbol to contact sheets, using a transparent tif file for the symbol. Funny how people find completely different uses for things.”

2 thoughts on “Other ID Plates uses.

  1. Yes leaving the ability to move it in the Web section does seem a little strange (It only appears on the header section). I run a PS batch to add a watermark on the files prior to generating the gallery which is time consuming.

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