March 5, 2024

Tom Hogarty has placed his RSP Faq online on the U2U forums:

Tom Hogarty – 09:07pm Feb 18, 2007 Pacific

Q: When will Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 be available for RawShooter Premium customers?
A: The Photoshop Lightroom offer email for RawShooter Premium customers will be distributed by February 23rd with instructions on how to obtain a free downloadable copy of Lightroom 1.0.

Q: Can RawShooter Premium customers get started with Photoshop Lightroom before receiving the offer email?
A: Yes, please download the 30 day trial version of Lightroom at the following URL and the offer email will provide instructions on how to obtain the serial number that will license the trial version of Lightroom.;=en_us

Q: Where can I find documentation for Photoshop Lightroom?
A: Tutorials and documentation for Photoshop Lightroom can be found at the following URL:;=Go

Q: Who do I contact if I don’t receive an offer email by February 23rd?
A: If you are an owner of RawShooter Premium (RawShooter Essential users do not qualify for this offer) and you do not receive an offer email by February 23rd please contact Adobe Customer Service in your region for further assistance. (

Q: How can I convert my RawShooter Premium settings to Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw compatible settings?
A: A free settings conversion tool will be posted to the following URL on March 5th for use by RawShooter Premium customers.

Tom Hogarty

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  1. I am a licensed RSP user and I haven’t received an email with instructions about how to obtain lightroom 1.0. How can I contact Adobe about this?

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