July 19, 2024

A year ago tomorrow (it’s the 31st March here), I did a Lightroom 2.4 post that claimed that the next update would have video import. I had to fess up at the request of Tom Hogarty, but ironically, it was one of my more popular posts from last year. Of course, with Beta 2, my gag feature is now a practical reality. I’m absolutely overjoyed with this.

This year, I’ve bad news. I simply ran out of time to get a new gag going. I was going to write an exclusive develop plugin (they don’t exist), that simply ran an error dialog that said ‘Lightroom has encountered an error and must delete your catalog’. Of course, there would only be an ‘Okay’ button, which would lead to an April Fools dialog, but I’m sure there would be moments of panic. I’ve just been too up the walls to make it happen. I know you’re glad to hear this didn’t happen.

So enjoy April Fools day, with no fear of any gags from me.

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