June 17, 2024

Here’s a quick and dirty video on jamming 2 portrait images into a landscape to use with LRB Ehibition.

Audio went in a bit high, and I’ve only done a rough edit, but it’s ‘good enough’.

As a side note, Mark Sirota mentioned to me on Twitter that quality from Print to Jpeg is not as good as a straight export. Some emails followed, and while I agree with him , I think the quality produced is good enough for what is ultimately being created for Web. If you’re concerned about quality, make the file much larger than you need and resize down in Photoshop. The point of this video is to avoid Photoshop though! Thanks Mark for your input and appropriate concern on this.

6 thoughts on “LRB Exhibition: Making a horizontal image from 2 verticals.

  1. You don’t need Photoshop (or any other external tool) — you can resize in Lightroom too! Just Import the file from the Print module, then export again at 900×600. For best results, skip the print sharpening, and apply export sharpening on the final export.

    1. because 9inX100ppi=900 pixels, 6inX100ppi=600pixels. We’re creating file dimensions really.

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