July 15, 2024

LRB Grads began life as a set of landscape filters for basic viewing of what a graduated Neutral Density/Blue/Tobacco filter might look on your photo via the Preview panel in Lightroom’s Develop module. V2 added a name change and a set of Sunset filters. Now with V3 happening almost 3 years later, it’s time to add something else: Tilt Shift (strictly speaking using Tilt). My recent post on the matter prompted me to add this update.

Basically it’s 3 new filters, based on the doubling grads principal. There’s a hard grad and a soft grad from both sides. The reason why there’s only 3 is that Lightroom seems to finally accept the current orientation of the file for the preset. If you find this not to be true (maybe I’m just lucky!), I’m happy to update again. There are 3 positions: Top, Centre and Right. These give a good start which can easily be fine tuned by moving both pairs of points to suit. To be clear the effect is to simulate the look of a tilted focal plane, which has only the are of intersection in focus. It’s not there to emulate using tilt to get more areas in focus, or for perspective corrections (which can be done via manual Lens Corrections, with a loss of photo area).

More details and purchase information is available at http://lightroom-blog.com/lrb-grads, or by clicking ‘lrb grads’ in the menu above. Current customers can use their download link to get the new version.

6 thoughts on “LRB Grad Filters Updated

  1. Hey Sean,

    I just downloaded lrbgrads.zip using my download link from way back when you first released the presets. The download doesn’t contain anything new vs. the v2 version of the presets. Am I missing something?

    Thanks, Sean

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