May 18, 2024

Former Adobe Lightroom Evangelist George Jardine continues his video series on Lightroom, adding Develop to list of his excellent tutorials. Having being involved in the process of creating Lightroom, I believe George to be the most suited teacher on the subject. In this 15 video set, George covers the right panel of Develop, along with information on image synchronisation, Presets, History and snapshots. George introduced me to the concept of scripting tutorial videos (alas I don’t do it all the time!), and the polished, easy going style reflects his consummate skill at their production.

You don’t have to take my word for it, because George has kindly offered a sample in the form of a free video on the Crop Tool, all 18 minutes of it. If you haven’t considered buy a video set before, this well priced and comprehensive video set is the one to get.

Just as a sidenote, these are intended for viewing in the browser. There will be iPod/iPad versions available shortly.

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