June 21, 2024

It’s my sons birthday today, so coupled with organising that, and a shoot filled week, it’s been quiet on the blog. Archytpe, my photo newsletter, had it’s 2nd edition go out on Sunday. You can sign up for it over on the right.

In other news, I’m one half of the Photoshop V’s Lightroom tour, with Mark Cleghorn. We’re making our way through the UK in November with this, more details and booking can be had here.

I’m writing again about Lightroom, with a new book just started. I’ll present it to the publisher and if they don’t bite, it’ll go to eBook most likely. No details I can pass out yet though, sorry.

If anyone is passing through Galway over the Holidays, I have an exhibition in the 8 Cafe at Galway City Museum running from Dec 1st 2010 to Jan 14th 2011. The official launch in at 5:30pm on Thurs 2nd Dec.


Scott Kelby in London
Finally, I have a 4am start for a 6am gate to get to Scott Kelby in London tomorrow. As the flight home is at 7:40pm, it’ll be straight out again after, so not much time to hang about. Please feel free to stop and chat when I’m there though! I’m the short ugly guy with the chin beard. I’m afraid I’ve no facial piercings to make me even more recognisable, but the short bit will help 😉

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