May 23, 2024

It’s not something I make much mention of, but I am a Moderator for Adobe with the community help. Help from Lightroom goes through the design centre, with actual help being the first link. Here’s 2 options for you instead of going through the design centre.

  • Save the link in your browser
  • Open the link and on the top right of the page click on the PDF link to download the Help file for offline reference
  • So why is help online? Well Adobe are hoping to make it more interactive with comments and moderators. It’s not so useful in the Jungle or on Plane though, hence the PDF. But of course you need to go online to get that! At least now you know you can get it before heading in offline territory.

    1 thought on “Help

    1. Sean,

      Are there any changes in the Help file with the release of 2.1? (ie, if we downloaded the pdf in early August, do we need to update it now?)


      Tom Rhyne

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