July 15, 2024

This just adds 2 external links and a test.php to the web engine. It’s only a very minor update, so you don’t need to redownload unless you are using all 6 galleries and need further links. If you want it and have used the 5 downloads, reply using the download email and I’ll reset it.

13 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio updated to 1.02

  1. I think you misunderstand Tyson.
    The Images Per Gallery settings does just that: set the number of images in every gallery.
    As explained in the User Guide, you can add filler images to the end of a gallery where you want less images and then delete the reference to those images in the exported gallery.

  2. I’m sure the guide is perfectly detailed enough, i’m just a bit of a novice and struggling slighty.
    I’m still having problems with setting up galleries to have a different numbers of images in each. I’m sure i’m missing somthing very obvious but i can’t see how i can edit gallery sizes individually when in Lightroom. I can see gallery1.html etc but don’t see how this box is editable. Please Help.
    Thanks Again, Tys

  3. Fonts: you can’t currently.

    User Guide: It’s pretty detailed already. If you want to remove images from the first gallery, it’s gallery1.html, 2nd is gallery2.html etc. I thought that was reasonably obvious from the Site Info panel.

  4. Hello Sean, Loving LRB its great. Couple of queries. I’m sure its really obvious but how do i change the contact, and gallery fonts on the home page, i can the title easily but not other fonts…
    Also with regards to having a different number of images in each gallery how do i find go to the appropriate gallery.html page to delete the references? Is there a more comprehensive user guide available for LRB? I’m a bit of a novice with using light rooms web functions! apologies in advance for bing a bit of a pain!
    Thanks! Tyson

  5. Thank you much. Can you please tell me if I have something incorrect, using the slider for “Number of images per Gallery, I cannot get it to rest on the number 4 amongst some other numbers. inputing directly results in an error. (I think that’s known)
    Can you please tell me if I’m missing something?
    Thank you again.

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