July 19, 2024


Lightroom 1.0 launched on this day 10 years ago. It had been announced on the 29th January, so all the blurb, new videos etc were done that day. I’d been part of select few that got to see a private beta, and a prerelease of Lightroom 1.0. We all got a public thanks at the time.

It really was exciting times, because there was just Lightroom and Aperture providing raw management with non destructive editing.

So many of the feature requests have been fulfilled since then, and 10 years later we have a fully mature product. Now, I know it’s not perfect, but for me there’s still nothing close to match my workflow with it.

Lightroom 1.0 won’t run on my machine.. It’ll start up and show the splash screen though. Lightroom 1.4 still works though, and it looks very different to the current version!

Happy Birthday Lightroom!

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