July 15, 2024

Hey folks, I know it’s been quiet here since my talks at the SWPP convention, which went really well. Currently I’m in a book writing phase so it’s been nose to the grindstone for the last few months. I’m still writing for Photoshop User magazine, but I think April is the next issue I’ll be in, discussing Tiffen’s DFX v4.0, a fantastic plugin for Lightroom.

Once the current project is over, I’ll be settling in to write a few short photo related ebooks. These have all been started in the past, but with the current schedule and pace, I aim to finish them. Topics include landscapes and lighting.

I’m also hoping to look at new hardware soon too. Please do keep following. There’s an RSS feed to subscribe to on the left. You can also subscribe to my general newsletter there. I’ll be doing a new one shortly. I’ve been shooting for an Irish culture magazine called The Thin Air as well as new models for the Roza Model Agency, so I’ll be discussing some of those shoots. I’ll be adding some inspiration stuff too.

As always, I’m still active on Twitter and Facebook.

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