July 19, 2024

A big shoutout to the MPA folk that attended my one day seminar ‘Lights Camera Enhance’. Had a great time talk lighting, and being creative, then editing the images we shot in the morning in the afternoon. The lighting was all done with speedlights- The Ryanair photographer way! The Magmod gels and grids went down a treat, as did the Palette in the afternoon.

As well as going through selections and finishing in Lightroom, I looked at retouching in Photoshop, and Alien Skin Exposure and on1’s Perfect Effects 9.5.

Dominika was our model for the class. She was a joy to work with. Here’s a mix of shots, some edited in class, and others lightly edited here at home.

20150916 MPA Essex 5252 Edit

20150916 MPA Essex 5240

20150916 MPA Essex 5224

20150916 MPA Essex 5183 Edit

20150916 MPA Essex 5212

20150916 MPA Essex 5175

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