May 18, 2024

The next iteration of Lightroom 6 has been announced as the Adobe MAX conference takes place. Along with loads of other new products and updates, Lightroom has been updated to 6.2. For Lightroom CC users, Dehaze has been added as a local correction. Yep, the wonder photo changer can now be painted on to select areas of the photo.

There is another huge change. Import. And because it’s moving features around, it’s available to all users. It’s so much of a change that I’ve made a 15 minute video detailing some of the changes, including the stuff that’s been left out. Along with why you might think about upgrading or not.

In addition to all of this, raw support for the following cameras has been added: DxO ONE, Leica S (Typ 007), Olympus E-M10 Mark II, Sony A7SM2 (ILCE-7SM2).

A full range of newly supported lenses can be see at Lightroom Journal.

For mobile updates, check out my next post.

10 thoughts on “Lightroom 6.2/CC.2

  1. It looks like the Lightroom UI designers have been spending a lot of time with Mylio. Guess they ran out of other stuff to copy… The new Import UI may or may not look ok, but it certainly doesn’t look like it belongs to the same application as the rest of the features. Still, people moving from Elements will be not have had a experience of good, coherent, or consistent UI design.

    1. I agree that it’s definitely not consistent, but it’s mostly been other designers copying the Lightroom UI. LR was the first to go with a darker palette and docked panels, something pretty much everyone has copied since. I haven’t seen Elements since v11. Mostly because of the overfrequent version updates with the upgrade price only being a 25% discount or thereabouts.

  2. If the previous Import dialog was so ‘frightening’ how did Lightroom ever reach it’s current level of adoption? Are we traditional users really that far advanced over the potential novice market Adobe has taken an interest in. if this new market segment has difficulty with importing their images, are they really prepared to contribute their monthly stipend in perpetuity to Adobe? Will these folks be around long enough to appreciate all this goodness, or will they lose interest and move on to the next fad?

    1. I don’t think we are. While Lightroom is an easy program to start using, you can’t expect people to just know how to use it. There has to be a learning curve with everything. If it gets dumbed down too much, it’s the experienced users that will move on. When the influencers move on, what will happen with their fans and followers? They’ll move on too. So it’s not just a matter of the fad.

  3. Yes, I’d like to see eject after import brought back. It’s so important when you have several cards to import. Can’t see why it was dumped? Any explanation forthcoming?

    1. None, but most likely it was a big change that couldn’t get it all done in one go. Hopefully we’ll see most of the items come back.

    1. Hopefully we get the other features back. Eject after import was useful because I’d rather reinsert a card to restart import than to accidentally pull it out mid write without ejecting-more of an issue for Mac than PC

  4. Thanks Sean, I agree i like the new looks and the changes made but don’t remove things that are very important to workflow …….Not to see destination folder completly is a HUGE disappointment ! as well as sample of rename file. that is also huge.Both I use everyday. I want to be able to see where every thing goes, can you imagine what a mess this could be. Do the people at Lightroom just not ask the photographers. what works what does not. I wont be updating at least not with this update as it is
    …thanks again

    1. I think it’s a huge amount of work in such a short space of time since 6.1.1. With such a huge push on products for Adobe MAX (which is on now), I suspect we’re not seeing the completed dialog. I also hope that everyone gets on board requesting what they want too. I went on and on about getting the loupe zoom back in the day, so I really hope we get that back.

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