July 19, 2024

The WOW Presets from onOne software are a little more YAWN than WOW.
Effectively they create a lot of incremental changes in basic settings like sharpening and vignetting, but on the whole take up more panel space than I would deem useful. At least the WOW title means they rest at the bottom. Still I suspect they’ll be deleted soon. I also thought the installer for them was a bit overkill!

Update 2009: To the anonymous ass that thinks making snide comments with no name will get published: Get a life or publish your name and we can discourse.

FWIW, in a later post than this, I commented that these presets are useful when using the Navigator preview. From what I remember at the time, there were no preset folders, so these literally took up the whole panel, not like now, where they can be collapsed.

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