July 15, 2024

Lightroom-Blog has been quiet recently. Trust me it’s not intentional. I’m actually very busy with Lightroom related things, along with actually working!

  • I’ve gone as far as I can with the Flash Gallery I mentioned before and I’ll be releasing it when I get time to write a quick readme/instructions for it. I will probably supply a logo free version file for those making donations(and then asking-helps with the mind reading!).
  • I’m updating HScroll to Version 2.0 at the moment. It’s mostly ready, but I’m awaiting the V2 release so I can add any new gallery features that might appear.
  • When I initially created the menu system for both Scroll galleries, it was to ease creation of a website for users, something not possible with Lightroom default galleries. Both Matthew Campagna and Joe Capra took the menu idea a step further in the meantime with Pages and LRG Complete. Not to be outdone, I’ve created a single page that creates a whole website with a home page, about page, contact page and 3 galleries with 20 photos in each. There is a full menu system. This is also awaiting a V2.0 release, but I could drop code to make it 1.4 compatible easily. You can see an example of this gallery in action here.
    The contact page uses a PHP form rather than a straight email address. I wrote this myself to prevent 3rd party licensing issues with scripts. I may include this in the standard HScroll gallery also. The final version of this website gallery will also have a few nifty features, so I’ll probably be accepting donations for this, as it was a lot of work.
    Please leave comments here, letting me know what you think. The contact form in the sample is not connected, I don’t want mail from it!
  • hsweb.jpg

    I’m also very busy with rewriting sections of my Lightroom book for GMC pubs. I had it mostly finished when V2 loomed on the horizon, so I’m now hastily rewriting old sections, while adding in new things, such as Local Corrections. This is a basic book, under commission from GMC, but it does contain more advanced tips also. More details will follow as I’m allowed to release them!

    During the waiting period I also started a potential eBook on creating web galleries. It’s about 2/3rds done, but on hold for now. I’ll get back to it after the Lightroom book is done. It’s not a full sized book, so I don’t think it will make the print phase at any stage.

    I’ll be doing more speedlink posts also, just to keep up activity here!

    8 thoughts on “Web Gallery production and other news.

    1. Superb gallery template. Wish the awaited version was a) able to increase number of galleries, and/or b) increase number of shots/gallery – although the restriction concentrates the mind!

    2. It’s more than understandable Mark, because nearly all other galleries are just that. You weren’t expecting it to be the way it is.

      Now that that’s put of the way, what do you think?

    3. Mark, …..Mark,

      That’s the home page. The galleries are at the gallery links. As is the about page at the about link, and the contact at the contact link!

      It’s a web site, not a web gallery!

    4. Sean, the gallery doesn’t seem to be working for me in Safari or Firefox 3.0 – I just see one image, and can’t scroll.

      (I’m getting there by clicking on the image in your blog post, is that supposed to take me to a working sample gallery?)

    5. Just in case you haven’t already thought of it (although I’m sure you have) don’t forget to prevent spammers from using your php contact form… (good description and fixes here).

      Oh, and the gallery looks fantastic!

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