July 15, 2024

Video Podcast #53 has been posted, with Martin Evening
While Martin is a fellow editor on Lightroom News, he’s by far a more experienced photographer than I. So I have to say, it’s great to see this second video on the photo shoot for material for his new Lightroom Book. Discussing the content, he alludes to the book being more workflow related. I’m already dying to read it!
George Jardine has really pulled out the stops on this. The quality of the editing and camera work is great and really fits the material. Well done lads!

As usual the podcast can be had from George’s iDisk: http://idisk.mac.com/george_jardine-Public?view=web
This podcast is labeled ‘20080312 Video Podcast – Martin Evening Book Project’ in the Public directory.
Or, it can be found on iTunes by searching under Podcasts for ‘Lightroom’. The RSS feed is:

(Via George Jardine on Lightroom and Digital Photography.)

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