March 5, 2024

I’m definitely obsessed with lighting. I love it. A lot. So I play all the time and try to do new things every time. So that means I end up with quite a lot of bits to change my lights. So I’ve decided as a random post to list the modifiers that live in and out of my photos. Of course a set of pretty pictures that I’ve shot are appropraite to go with them!

Honl 1/8 & 1/4 inch grids

2 X 43″ Westcott collapsible double fold

2 X 16″ Alzo style speedlight softboxes (that conveniently fight onto the Quadra!)

2 X Lastolite 24″ softboxes (now labelled as 21″) with Quadra adaptors

Kast 150cm Octa

Kast 80cm X 120cm softbox

2 Bessel striplights

Viewfinder Photography umbrella style striplight with grid

Viewfinder Photography umbrella style 95cm with grid

Elinchrom 65cm Portalite softbox.. (loads of them!)

Elinchrom 70cm Deep Octa (one of my favourite modifiers)

Elinchrom Maxispot (my other favourite modifier)

Elinchrom 70cm White Beauty Dish with sock

Elinchrom 44cm White Beauty Dish with grid

Elinchrom 44cm Silver Beauty Dish

Elinchrom ECO Ringflash



White/Frost/Silver/Gold Deflectors

Lumipro 14″ Speedlight Dish

Lightup Foto 120cm Octa

Lightup Foto 40X40cm softbox

As you can tell, I use both soft and hard lights. The most versatile of the lot is the 70cm Deep Octa. You can use it bare, with a deflector, with the interal diffuser, with the exernal diffuser or with both diffusers to give a huge range of looks from one modifier. I'm considering getting the bits to add a grid to it.

Bessel and Viewfinder Photography are UK providers of 3rd party softboxes and accessories, while Lightup Foto is Hong Kong based.

On my wish list is the huge indirect Octa from Elinchrom. I've used them a few times and love them!

One other modifier I've not mentioned is Rosco Cinefoil (or black wrap as it's called in theatre land). This is black aluminium foil that can be wrapped around lights, or crumpled and torn to led light bleed through. Great fun!

If you've any questions on the modifiers, feel free to leave a question in the comments.

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