May 22, 2024

A few weeks back Tom Hogarty made a post on a thread on Archiving. It’s so fundamental to the vision for Lightroom I’m going to reproduce it here:

For Lightroom 1.0 the focus will be on getting images off the camera, sorted, tagged, organized, developed and back to the client as quickly as possible.(While maintaining the highest possible quality) An elegant solution to this portion of the workflow is what professional and amateur photographers alike have been missing and asking Adobe to provide. Once we address the missing piece of the workflow we can begin addressing elegant solutions to problems that may have already been solved.

We also have designed Lightroom to be extensible so if we’re unable to provide the asset management tools you need, we’ll be releasing a Software Development Kit(SDK) that will allow third parties to create their own modules that will plug directly into Lightroom.(We’ll be releasing this after we release Lightroom 1.0)

Tom Hogarty
Adobe Systems

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