May 18, 2024

Here’s a copy of the bottom of my free presets page, to remind folk that you can create timelapse movies from your photos.

Lightroom Timelapse

A while ago I published a Lightroom Preset and Template set to create timelapses on Lightroom News. I also put a video on YouTube about it:

I’m including the updated version of the preset and template here for easy download. To install these 2 files, first open Lightroom Preferences (Lightroom menu on Mac, Edit menu on PC). Click the Presets tab, then click ‘Show Lightroom Presets folder.
The Slideshow Preset (SS 24fps Timelapse.lrtemplate) goes in the User Templates folder in Slideshow Templates, while the video preset (720.lrtemplate) goes into the User Presets inside the VIdeo Presets folders. Now the Video Presets folder may not be there, so you may need to create it, and a User Presets folder within it. Once these are in place, restart Lightroom.

To use, put your image sequence into a Collection and open it in Slideshow. Next select the ‘24fps Timelapse’ Template. Note that the ‘Slides’ duration appears to say 0.0s. Ignore this. The setting is below 0.05, so Lightroom is rounding down the visible figure. Don’t change it either! Next click on the Export Video button at the bottom of the Left panel. From the Preset list, choose ‘720P Timelapse’. It should be top of the list. Name your file and click Export. Congrats, you now have a video timelapse created in Lightroom.

Download the Preset and Template.

2 thoughts on “Timelapse Reminder

  1. Wow, that works great!

    Any chance that you will be providing additional templates for other frame-rates? It would be really sweet to be able to create all of my time-lapse videos in Lightroom instead of Quicktime.

    Thank you,


  2. Thanks for sharing, great template. This evening I made my first 8 second time laps video 🙂 Works great!

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