July 15, 2024

UPDATE: Check out the 2016 version.


I was messing around the other day doing the good old internet cliche of taking off camera flash shots of smoke. In true Chromasia fashion, I hand created some Lightroom Point Curves and put them in as presets for you wonderful folks. These 3 variations make the shadows into highlights, force the midtones down and retain the normal highlights.

To handle downloads on this I’ve set it up as a donationware product on e-Junkie. If you feel these are useful, feel free to buy me a coffee via donation!If not, don’t. No obligation. For free downloads, e-Junkie will ask for name and email, this is so you can get the download link emailed to you.

Anyhow to install these presets, open Lightroom Preferences (in Lightroom on Mac, Edit on PC), Click the Presets Tab. Click on the Show Lightroom Presets folder. Open the Develop Presets folder and unzip the smoke.zip file into this folder. Restart Lightroom. In the Presets panel of Develop, there should now be a folder called Smoke Presets. Click on the preset to apply it, or hover over it to see a preview in the navigator.


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8 thoughts on “Smoke Presets

  1. Sean these are just want I was looking for. You have made my life much easier to be creative with a recent idea I had when I didn't know how I was going to test it. Now I have and I am really pleased. In addition I now understand how to better use Lightroom which is another huge plus! Thanks so much! Steven Boothe

  2. Sean, I am sorry but I don’t see what these presets do. I have downloaded and loaded the presets. I open a clean sky only image and click on one of the presets and nothing happens.
    What am I missing?


  3. ups
    now i feel lame a lot
    installed the presets and i see your handmade point curves
    now, how do you ever create a handmade point curve???
    so far i thought point curve is only possible in camera raw
    now i tried again and i just can’t make it, is there a keyboard combination?
    i feel really lame…
    (great preset btw)

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