May 23, 2024

Sven Bergmann recently won a German IT company website competition with LRB Portfolio. PC Welt were looking the best designed site with good quality photos, information and originality. Sven used LRB Portfolio to design his site, and took 1st place receiving a €522 prize. The Google translation of the article is here, while Sven’s site can be viewed at

Congrats Sven!

2 thoughts on “Site win with LRB Portfolio

  1. Well, Jimmy, good for him is all I can say. The photos were a big part of it too, you know.
    I'm sure Sven is delighted with the return on investment from a prize, but ultimately there should be a return for every user in the form of new work.

  2. I bet your chuffed? lots a lot of profit from just a 10 euro outlay!. I´ve got your lrb too,just in the process of sorting some photos.I joined up with bluehost yesterday,but I need a bit of time to understand the upload side of it when sending within lightroom,so far not so good.
    Keep up the good work Shaun.

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