June 22, 2024

Here’s a little tutorial on creating a 5X5 grid of images to use as a background on Twitter or MySpace, etc.


3 thoughts on “Creating a Background grid with Lightroom

  1. James,
    I'm not familiar with Bluehost internals.
    If you say there has to be a /public_html/ as the path, then that is indeed the path you need.
    It may be that you don't need the leading / and it might be public_html/

  2. Hi Shaun
    I was wondering if you could help me as I am a little frustrated at my own ineptitude.

    I have your LRB Gallery program,which is not the problem,its when I want to upload with LR 2,4 to the Bluehost site,basically I am a little flummoxed as to what to exactly put word for word in the "Server Path" I have have sent an e-mail to them but I must have caught them on a bad day!
    I understand that there has to be a /public_html/ included here is that it or do I have to type other instructions?
    I expect your busy with other things,but if you have a spare moment ,it would be appreciated.

    Should you require any other info,please contact me.

    Kind regards

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