May 22, 2024

“If you go and photograph a beggar, it makes a huge difference whether you stand in front of the beggar—the same thing is true for children—if you stand in front of them, and point your camera down, or whether you physically go down on your knees, and try and see the world through their eyes, from their perspective. It makes a different picture. Your picture is determined by your physical point of view. But your physical point of view is also the result of your emotional relationship to that person, to that beggar, to that child, which in turn can be the result of your life perspective. So sometimes when asked ‘what’s the exposure of your image’ a photographer, a photojournalist would say, well it’s a 125th of a second, and in my case 60 years. Because in a great image, ideally your whole life perspective comes and culminates in that image. Flows into it.” – Gerd Ludwig

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Or, it can be found on iTunes (in a day or two) by searching under Podcasts for “Lightroom”. The RSS feed is:

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