June 22, 2024


By now I suspect you know I’m a big fan of onOne Software. I’ve been doing a lot of composite work recently and use Phototools to finish all my shots. Of course Phototools requires Photoshop, so I’m delighted to see that onOne have announced Perfect Photo Suite 6.0 as a fully standalone product. Perfect Photo Suite 6 includes NEW Perfect Portrait 1, NEW Perfect Effects 3, NEW Perfect Mask 5, NEW Perfect Layers 2, Perfect Resize 7 Pro Edition, FocalPoint 2 and PhotoFrame 4.6 Pro Edition.

That makes 8 programs in the suite. Phototools has become the standalone Perfect Effects, with blending, and we see the introduction of Perfect Portrait 1, a new product with this suite, specially designed for retouching portraits. Mask Pro has become Perfect Mask 5, with a new remove background tool. Personally I’m really looking forward to trying that one out!

Perfect Layers is now at version 2, and is the heart of the new suite. Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 owners can upgrade for $149.95, with those who purchased after Aug 7th 2011 getting a complimentary upgrade. The full suite will be $299.95 and will be available in late October, 2011.

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