May 22, 2024


onOne Software were one of the main sponsors of the tour, so Andy and Doug Campbell were along to give demos of the programs that make up the onOne Photo Suite. They mentioned the name change to ‘Perfect Photo Suite’. One of the big changes is going to be the addition of ‘Perfect Layers’, a standalone program that will allow people to create layered images to solve a range of issues, like head swaps and image blends. The demo should sample video of the projected tools, which include using a ‘Focal Point’ type processing ‘bug’. This should be in public beta in December for suite owners.

Another big announcement is that 4 of the 6 apps in the Suite will become standalone, meaning they don’t require Photoshop to work. Mask Pro and Phototools will still require Photoshop (they are really for within Photoshop, Phototools uses Photoshop settings to work). I’m obviously not adverse to using Photoshop, but I can still see times when not having to go to it is useful. Genuine Fractals will get a rebrand as ‘Perfect Resize 7’, to fit in with the new Suite branding also. The gallery wrap feature has been improved too (after I’ve got my canvases done!).

I have to say that I’m well impressed with the suite, and am looking forward to seeing Perfect Layers. I’m already a big fan of Photo Frame and Mask Pro, so it’s really rounding out the available features. If you’re not familiar with onOne, they’ve got a University section on the site too, with close to 100 tutorial videos available.

The updates to Perfect Photo Suite will be free to Suite 5 users, so great news for current owners. If you’re interested in the Suite, onOne have given me a discount code, valid until Dec 4th. Use LRBPS to get $100 off the regular price.

On the tour, Andy was using a shot he took of the Empire State Building, so he kept asking who’d been to New York. Of course we started to play Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ for him! Have to say it was interesting to see an iPhone shot blown up 800% and looking perfect with only minor tweaking via Genuine Fractals.

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