July 19, 2024

R4me panel

Retouch4Me have updated their free Photoshop Panel to version 1.25. This is a new panel that allows you to choose between retouching online using Retouch Credits. Each credit works for one photo and the ranges from $20 for 200 photos a month to $90 for 1500 photos a month. There’s also a 20 free credit bundle so you can test the features before committing.

It’s absolutely worth trying the free credits bundle if you’ve not experienced the quality of the results from these plugins.

Cloud retouch

Retouch4Me’s AI based retouch is a genuine game changer for those in the portrait and wedding industries for high end retouch. Get a 20% discount off the plugins with the code LRBLOG from here or by clicking directly on this link.

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