May 22, 2024

So the decorators have been in and we have a new look. While the old template looked great, I wanted something a little more custom. I’ve actually had the basis of this new blog template started when I launched the LRB Portfolio website. I’ve finally gotten around to getting it (mostly) done and online. Of course because it’s my first attempt as such a thing, I will need to iron bits out as I go..

All you IE users will have to tell me what’s broken though..

I finally got a look in IE7.. ouch, dropping Div’s.. off to work I go. Fixed.

3 thoughts on “New Look

  1. BTW just in case you thought I was being serious.. I was kidding about the transparency comment.

  2. Hi Rene,
    I’d already been looking at it for the last hour or more.

    I’ve fixed the drop-down issue.

    Cross browser opacity? You’re kidding me? It’s a PNG file actually giving that transparent look.

    Debating the font size current. Believe it or not I haven’t changed font sizes down anywhere since the last template, I’ve actually brought them up!

  3. Looks very fresh, Sean!

    I get to see the blog posts all the way down below the left hand sidebar, though, not under the blog hearder area.

    Also, the small font size together with the transparency (showing the background through the posts) may need to be reconsidered: either change the font size or the opacity?

    (I am using IE 7.0)

    Keep up the good work!

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