July 15, 2024

Matthe Campanga from theturninggate has updated his Lightroom Monoslide gallery to Version 1.1.
If it’s options you want, you’ll get them in spades with TTG MonoSlideshow Gallery, a template that integrates Monokai’s MonoSlideshow into the Adobe Lightroom‘s Web module. Every aspect of every element in the gallery is completely configurable to the user’s preferences. In fact, TTG MonoSlideshow Gallery is only a part of the iceberg; those willing to spend some time with the MonoSlideshow manual and to get their hands a little dirty with XML will find a wealth of additional options that go beyond the scope of Lightroom – things like sound-effects, custom fonts and watermarks, and more.

But there’s a catch. TTG MonoSlideshow Gallery is free, but MonoSlideshow is not. MonoSlideshow must be purchased from www.monoslideshow.com for $19.95 in order to use the Web module plugin.

Check it out here.

Via Lightroom Galleries

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