May 22, 2024

In an unusual move, Timothy Armes has combined the Lightroom SDK with a 3rd party imaging tool to create LR/Mogrify. Currently up to version 1.7, his Export Plugin manages to add features high in the Feature Request forums. 

  • Sharpen on Export: Check
  • Create a 2 step border: Check
  • Positionable Custom Watermark: Check
  • Convert to more than 3 Colour Spaces: Check
  • FTP after all this?: Check

Based around ImageMagick and the mogrify command, LR/Mogrify is quite a versatile output tool for Lightroom users.

Tim has full instructions on installing both ImageMagick and the LR/Mogrify plugin on the LR/Mogrify page. He’s also been fulfilling a reasonable amount of user requests on it also. 
For those that find this free plugin useful, there’s a donate button on the page. 

7 thoughts on “LR/Mogrify

  1. I did some testing by modifying the original LUA-code in a way that I can see how it actually traslates the scandinacian characters when executing external command (by using io.write to pull the mogrify command line into bat-file, as was suggested by Herb Albert in

    The result is that scandinavian characters do get incorrectly translated. So this looks like a SDK-issue (again, running Windows XP Home). However, the error message window displayed by Lightroom has everything in place just as it should, so the problem is likely on the LrTasks.Execute (?).

    I also dropped a message to Timothy.

    I really hope that this (presumed) characterset issue get solved somehow. With almost 300€ piece of software one should not have it…

  2. Hi,

    Yes, it seems that scandinavian characters are the issue (running Windows XP Home SP2 with location set to Finland, Lightroom 1.3.1). Everything runs smooth as long as there are no “special” characters in the paths. And this is not limited to destination path only, the same issue pops up when the mogrify.exe executable is located in the directory that has scandinavia characters in it’s name (I tested with C:hämärämogrify.exe).

    This really looks like an Lightroom/SDK issue, not necessarily related to mogrify plugin.
    I would not expect this to be an issue on this milleneum 🙂

  3. Scandinavian characters are an issue? Hmm I’ll mention that to the team too, but there at least one Swede and one Norwegian tester..
    I’m sure the issue is probably with the SDK, and not with Tim.

  4. As an addition to previous anonymous comment: the scandinavian characters in the export destination path seems to be the problem. When exporting to alternate location (where destination path does not containt “ä”) everything works like a charm. I’ll email the author…

  5. I tested this as it really seems interesting, but… It seems that the thing does not work in windows xp. When trying to export an image it complains “Failed to run Mogrify, aborting export” with a command line that seems completely valid for me. Is anyone else experiencing this? (Could it be that as my windows account contains skandinavian “ä” in it and thus in the export destination path, the LrTasks.execute is having trouble with it?)

    The ImageMagic is porprely installed, and I have perfectly well working export actions (as a bat-file) utilising convert.exe.

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