July 15, 2024

For my first metadata plugin, I’ve created an extension of the SDK examples. This plugins allows you to tag an image with a Model Release or a Propery Release as required. For the more organised it also allows you to give it a number. The even more organised could scan in the release and name it with this number, making it easy to search for.

As with any Plugin, open the Plugin Manager (File>Plugin Manager). Click Add on the bottom left to start the process. In the window that appears, navigate to where you’ve stored the plugin (e.g. you could put it in My Documents/LR Plugins, or Documents/LR Plugins), then select it. Finally click the Add Plugin button on the bottom right.

You may get a request asking to Update the Catalog. Lightroom does this to add the new fields to the catalog. Click Update.

To use the plugin, open the Metadata panel at the bottom right Panel. From the preset list choose ‘Release Forms Tagset’.


From here you can use the Model and Property Release menu to choose Yes, Not Required and No Release from the list. You can also enter the form number if you use such things.

Disclaimer. This Plugin is free and is offered as is. Use is at your own risk. I have used it successfully here, but offer no warranty or guarantee that it will be successful for you. By downloading this plugin you accept all liability for any damage that may occur, and release me from any such liability.

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This product is donationware. If you find it useful, then please return and donate.

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2 thoughts on “LRB Releases

  1. Hi Shaun.
    Thanks for the freebie plug-in.Its downloaded and working a treat.So at least one happy customer.
    I also have various products from you including the websbuilder etc.
    Look forward to seeing more vids etc in the future.
    from suny Valencia.

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