July 15, 2024

LRB Portfolio, the website plugin for Lightroom 2, has been updated to version 2.2. Along with bug fixes, there have been a number of additions to the program. The key addition allows a gallery index page with thumbnails slices of gallery images to link to the galleries. A sample of this in action in a real website can be seen at http://musofoto.com. This brings to 3 the number of options that can be used as the home page: A home page with a single photo (with optional text), A gallery index page, or a gallery page.

Other additions include removal of the image on the blank page to allow for video links etc. Text on the non gallery pages can be aligned left, right, or justified. Images can also be aligned, in this case, left, centre or right. A regular request is to have the names of the form titles changeable in the Contact form has been granted.

Finally an annoying bug that broke Gallery 1 only, has been fixed. Although internally the number 20 is used, Lightroom displays the number as 20.00 in the “number of images” for the gallery. This prompted a number of users to enter a decimal point when changing the default. Due to the way Lightroom handles text input, this was then interpreted as a string and caused the gallery to fail with an error. Other galleries were not affected as internal maths forced Lightroom to see it as a number. This issue has now been corrected. Lightroom still shows the decimal point, but it no longer matters if the user enters the decimal. This was actually hard to pin down, because it only affected the first gallery. I had tested the decimal point in other galleries, but not the the first one. A mix of Jorge Parra and finally Atma Singh lead to testing Gallery 1 again, revealing the error.

The UI has been updated with the changes and additional material, including more hints and tips, have been added to the User Guide. I will be creating a video to go along with this shortly.

All further information about the gallery, including purchase information and User Guide can be found at LRBPortfolio.com. Current users can download this update from their download link. As mentioned previously, this update also comes with a price increase to €15 to cover the ongoing costs of producing the additional features and bug fixes.

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Update: If you’re getting a error relating to com.lightroom-blog.lrbportfolio, try downloading again

4 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio updated to version 2.2

  1. Thanks for the update. I was really needing the left align for text. Unfortunately after updating the plugin, all my settings for my website were lost. Got the following message "The template can not be applied, because the web gallery (id='com.lightroom-blog.lrbportfolio') is missing.

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