May 18, 2024

Cc2105 6

Lightroom CC2015.6 is out now, as well as 6.6 and the matching Camera Raw 9.6. The big feature (for CC users only) is the addition of a new Guided Upright, that allows you to draw lines on the photo to tell Lightroom where the correct verticals and horizontals are. It’s not the first processor to provide this, and as a interiors shooter, I have to say, I’m delighted with this addition.


As part of this addition, the Lens Correction panel has been split into Lens Corrections and Transform panels. This is true for all users.


Other additions include Merging with Smart Previews, Keywords counts, and loads of performance updates. Check this video for more.

4 thoughts on “Lightroom CC2015.6/6.6 is out now: Guided Upright is the big feature

  1. why i cannot see the “guided” tab under transformation in my Lightroom 2015 CC? i have updated already

    1. I suspected it might be. It’s usable without the Loupe at 1:1, just you don’t have all the shot visible!

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